Friday, January 6, 2012

Lakers need Howard not Bynum

Bynum starts the season with 4-consecutive double-double games. Big deal. D. Howard already has a double-double in 5 out of 7 games so far.

Oh my God Bynum gets his first career 20-20 game!!! Howard already has two 20-20 games in this early season.

Lets compare career averages since season averages would be unfair due to Bynum's late entrance. Howard's career average is 18pts/13rebs. vs. Bynum at 10pts/7rebs.

Who's more reliable? Hmm, Howard has only missed 7 regular season games out of 581. Not too shabby for an 8-year vet. Bynum has missed, lets count it, 36 games in 05-06, 47 games in 07-08, 32 games in 08-09, 17 games in 09-10, 28 games in 10-11 and finally 4 games this season. This brings the grand total to 164 missed regular season games out of 499. This equals to Bynum leaving his team hanging dry for two full regular seasons. The Lakers cannot afford to have an injury prone big man, they need D. Howard who's more dependable.   

Come on! Don't let Bynum's start deceive you from the much bigger picture. Dwight needs to come to the Lakers. Bynum is not the athlete that Kobe or Pau is. Jeanie needs to have some say in the Lakers Club.

The Lakers will not be able to get #17 if they keep #17!!! Those fans who think that Bynum is great...sure, but he can't run up and down the court in a fast-paced game as evidenced in last night's game versus the fast Portland Trailblazers.

D. Howard is always welcome in LA.

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