Sunday, January 1, 2012

Is Andrew Bynum Kobe's bad luck charm?

Since Bynum's return to the starting line-up Kobe's numbers have dropped. Lately it seems like Kobe is trying to be more of the facilitator rather than the natural superstar scorer that we're all used to seeing. While Kobe's assists may have taken the wheel his points have taken the back seat. He's averaging 16.5ppg in the last two games scoring a total of 33 points. Compared to the 28 points that he was averaging per game, this is a significant drop to Kobe's usual offensive contribution.

Kobe has also become a late blooming scorer with his first points coming in the final minutes of the second quarter. In the recent Denver series Kobe's field goal percentage has taken an ugly turn. He's gone 12-46, shooting a dismal 26%.

With Bynum's hot start and Gasol's escalating numbers (team high 20pts/11reb tonight), once Kobe gets out of this funk this Lakers team should start beating teams quite convincingly, with all due respect of course to their opponents.    

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  1. Bad luck charm? Let's not forget Bynum's the one who suffered a horrific knee injury at the hands (body) of Kobe. It's the other way around. As for Kobe and his awful shooting, its nights like this where the "veteran" should realize he's off and facilitate. I mean jacking up 28 shots? To only make 6? Isn't his quota 20 attempts a game? 8, count them, 8 3-pt shot attempts? To only make one? C'mon...give up the ball.

  2. Ya DCM, he was a ball hog last night and like you said, he should've passed more, maybe dribble penetrate to attract the defense for the dish out to his open teammates. Steve Blake at the wing who shot considerable well last night would've been great target.

  3. Frustration got the better of Kobe. No one is immune to that, especially someone as competitive as him. He knows what he should've done. Not a big problem unless it turns into a pattern.

  4. Hi Ezra. Ya Kobe has been making unusual turnovers. So unlike him. I think he's personal life is finally getting to him.


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