Monday, January 16, 2012

Fisher's season high 13 points needed to oust the Mavs

If I told you pregame that the Lakers would score a total of 73 points against the defending champion Dallas Mavericks who average 93 points a game, would you think they'd win or lose? Be honest.

Despite the Lakers scoring a season low 73 they inch their way past the visiting Mavs in a very ugly game of season lows.

When Kobe unexpectedly scores in low numbers the entire team has to step up to help balance the offensive load and tonight Derek Fisher did just that. He scored a season high 13 points, his first 10+ point game of the season. I know 13 points doesn't seem that much of a contribution but in an ugly game like tonight's, every single point Fisher gave was desperately needed, especially his last second high arcing beauty. Splash. Click below for video.

Kobe scores a season low 14 but has a team high 7 assists, one being his biggest of the season in the closing seconds of the game. Critics will oversee his passes and focus on his game high 4 turnovers. Kobe may have damaged his season PPG average a bit but I don't think he cares having beaten the team who swept the Lakers last post season. Kobe does not forget and to this day he still holds a grudge with Detroit for that Finals series in '04 that we don't speak of.

Bynum came up big tonight scoring 17pts with 15rebs. Gasol on the other hand has his worst game of the season. He scores a season low 8pts with 6 boards and shoots a horrid 27% in field goals (3-11).

Tonight's win is bittersweet because deep down inside I really wanted Odom to have a great game. If you live in a cave here's what happened this past off season. Odom demanded to be traded after being thrown into a big trade that was disqualified by NBA commissioner Stern. The Lakers then traded him to Dallas just days after his request. After all the drama Odom was real close to leaving the NBA for a one year sabbatical and the ironic part to that is his drama queen wife played peacemaker and convinced him otherwise. Since then Odom has had a horrible year with the Mavs averaging in single digits, 7pts/5rebs. He's shooting 31% in FG.   

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  1. Yeah, I actually thought the Lakers would win with 73 points since I expected this game to be a low-scoring one. For one thing, the Laker defense adapts to the opposition. They really only have to worry about Dirk to control Dallas. Second, the Mavs had always had trouble winning at Staples Center historically. The Lakers played such good team D on Dirk that they forced Rick Carlisle to give the last shot to Vince Carter. They were doomed before they inbounded the ball.

  2. Great points Ezra. I didn't know Dallas historically has trouble scoring in L.A. This was a great win...

    Now to the bad stuff. LOL. Whats up with the Lakers proving they can't beat the better teams. They just lost badly against the Heat and now the Magic.

    The team needs massive help from the bench.


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