Friday, January 6, 2012

Crawford alone outscores Peace Corps

Oregon running back Kenjon Barner was seen texting from the sideline at tonight's game...

Incoming text message: Hey what's up Kenny? Where you at?

Outgoing text message: Just children here at the game watching them blaze up and catch on fire.

Incoming text message: Say what?! That's some crazy ass weed. Save me some.

Outgoing text message: Huh? Oh LOL. Stupid phone. I meant to say that I'm just chilling here at the game watching them Blazers catch fire.

Yes the Lakers did throw (not shoot, shooting is an attempt to make a shot) 0-11 at the three-point line in tonight's loss to the Portland Trailblazers. The Lakers haven't shot this poorly behind the arc since 2003.

This loss in Portland gives the Lakers a 4-17 record at the Rose Garden in their last 21 visits. Portland is tough to beat at home and continue to curse the visiting Lakers.

One stat that stood out the most for me is Jamal Crawford's 17 points that alone outscored the Lakers Bench by 3. Where was the Peace Corps tonight? MWP 0-5, Blake 2-9, Ebanks 1-5 in FG. Little production from the bench plus the team shooting .000 long distance will always equate to nights like these.

Fisher despite only scoring 6 points went 2-2 FG, 2-2 FT, 6 assists, and had 0 turnovers and was the only Laker who had a plus 4 in the point differential. Derek just needs to be more aggressive and shoot more. Two shot attempts isn't going to cut it as the starting PG.

Bynum gets his fourth straight double-double to start the season. Kobe scores 30 or more points in two consecutive games and Gasol continues to handle being a quiet third option quite well since Bynum's return. Lakers just need to shoot better and play better transition defense.

Photo credit: AP 2012-01-05

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