Friday, September 30, 2011

Kobe Bryant is Italy bound

Well it's official. According to an interview with a Roman radio station yesterday, Virtus Bologna team president Claudio Sabatini said, “There’s still some things to arrange but at this point I’m very optimistic. I would say it’s 95 percent done.”

Kobe will get paid 3-million to play 10 games over a 40 day span. This equates to $300,000.00 per game. Congrats to Kobe for making this lockout profitable for him and his fam.

Do you blame him? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to make some dough on his stepping grounds while these dead-end negotiations take place? 

Critics will jab at Kobe for taking the offer to play overseas but fans know this is a real good thing. When the lockout ends and the season begins, Kobe will be in tip-top shape to play.

Yes there is the possibility of Kobe getting hurt but the injury Gods can strike at any time regardless. Just the other day I tripped over a crack on the sidewalk and ate it, and that was from merely walking. The Black Mamba or El Black Mamba will be fine.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kobe negotiates with the Italians

According to Kobe rejected Virtus Bologna's $6.7-million dollar offer with a BAM $15 MILLION DOLLAR BACK IN YOUR FACE! counteroffer. Thanks to Mark Medina over at LA Times Lakers Blog doing the math for us already, Kobe's $15 million dollar offer actually comes out to be a $7.5 million dollars after taxes.  

Kobe needs to be extra careful when parleying with the Italians. Hasn't he seen The Godfather?

This counteroffer is a big indicator that Kobe is serious about playing for the Italian A League Virtus Bologna basketball team or he may just be entertaining his inner mobster. Who really knows when it comes to Kobe.

In case you were wondering, the Italian A League or Lega Basket Serie A season consists of a home-and-away schedule of 30 games, followed by an eight-team playoff round. Quarterfinals and semifinals series are best-of-five, and the finals series is best-of-seven.

At the rate this lockout is going, the NBA season might be just as long as the Italian basketball league. Heck, Kobe can even pull a Deion Sanders - not the current DIRECTV Sanders with wings and glitter - but the old Deion in his glory days as an Atlanta Falcon and Brave.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

NBA lockout poisons the preseason

Save your preseason ticket money folks, the exhibition games, or at least the first two weeks of them are scheduled to be postponed.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski from Yahoo! Sports, NBA Commish David Stern (stern is an understatement) will formerly cancel the first two weeks of training camp and preseason games tomorrow.

The collective bargaining agreement expired on July 1, 2011 resulting in this [stupid] lockout. Since then no accord has been met between Stern, the owners and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA).

Bob Cousy (83), the original founder/president of the NBPA has just about had enough of these shenanigans. I heard he was on his way to Manhattan to show these youngin's some well needed perspective. To think, in 1954, the NBA had no health benefits, no pension plan, no minimum salary, and the average players salary was $8,000 a season.

Get over yourselves people and rock-scissor-paper this shit already! You owe it to the fans whose money helped provide a big chunk of that change you're all salivating for.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jerry West's book - WEST BY WEST

On book shelves 10/19/11
Jerry West's memoir, "WEST BY WEST" is a definite must have for your Fall book collection. I have a hunch that "Mr. Clutch" won't hold back and will tell his story with the striking intimacy and candor that we'd all expect.

No holds barred. Prepare yourself because for the first time the NBA logo himself tells his story from his tough childhood in West Virginia, to his unbelievable college success at West Virginia University, his 40-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and his relationships with NBA legends like Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O'Neal, and Kobe Bryant.

WEST BY WEST is far more than a sports memoir: it is a profound confession and a magnificent inspiration.

The book was co-written with Jonathan Coleman who is the bestselling author of Exit the Rainmaker, At Mother's Request, and Long Way to Go. He is a former producer and correspondent with CBS News.

For more information click here to visit their FB page. You can also follow West's co-author on Twitter, @JonaColes.

WEST BY WEST is scheduled to be released on October 19th. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lakers vs Hard Rock Cafe

Is it me or does the Hard Rock Cafe logo look like the Lakers logo?

Just the other day my eyes were drawn to a fashioned Hard Rock Cafe shirt. I felt so robbed and violated. How dare someone wear such a deceiving piece of fabric and feel no consequence.

I wonder if the same happens for the Hard Rock Cafe lovers. Are they too fooled? Do they see a fellow Hard Rock Cafe rocker only to be suckered in by an oncoming Hard Rock Lakers fan?

My point is this Mr./Ms. so called Hard Rock Cafe fan, If you decide to wear your Hard Rock Cafe shirt tomorrow, take note that my eyes may be looking at your chest but my heart will always be with the greatest team in the NBA.  

This post is in result to the NBA lockout.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dancing with the Stars meet Metta

By now all Laker fans should know that Ron Artest or Metta World Peace (depending on time frame) is among the stars in the highly anticipated upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. Ron Artest has made many headlines throughout his prolific NBA career but not quite like this.

Artest may be known to Swing a lot as one of the leagues toughest players but will he know how to do it as a dancer?
He may also know his fair share of Latin lap dances but does he know how to do the Latin dance?
Don't forget the Cha-cha-cha ching that Ron has in the bank but can America bank on his  Cha-cha-cha?
We also know that Ron trots with many foxy women but can he Foxtrot with just one?

Will team captain Black Mamba show him some early Mambo moves or will Ron's Quickstep be in the way?

These are all questions America will have answers to as they see Mr. World Peace show the world his dancing feet!

Don't forget to tune in for the season premier on Monday, September 17th 8/7c on ABC.

Click here for more information and full cast of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.