Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let the lockout games begin

Talks about a looming NBA lockout has finally shown its ugly face. The NBA lockout will officially start at 9:01PM PST tonight. What an unfortunate thing to happen to fans who look forward to the off season free-agencies, summer leagues and pre-season schedules.

The meat of this lockout is between the players and owners. The players don't want to give up a big chunk of their salaries to help save those owners who were more concerned about enhancing revenue sharing than managing team finances. Yes we've all heard it, even I've said it, NBA players make a lot of money, in some cases way too much but if you were among those athletes who worked their way to the top from the NBA's D-League to make a 6-7 figure salary for their family, wouldn't you want to fight to save as much of that hard earned money?

The only victims to this ridiculous lockout are the fans. In an economy like today's where you have millions of hard working people desperately seeking employment, an NBA lockout over how to properly split a vulturous revenue that the fans helped provide to begin with is something very petty in comparison. Money is the root of all evil folks. This is indeed a very disappointing day for the fans.

Brian Kamenetzky from ESPN's Land O' Lakers wrote this interesting fact about player salaries today...

Lop 25 percent off the salary of the league's lowest paid guys, and in a country with a median salary around 50K, they still make about seven times the money of the people watching them play. Compared to a guy like Shannon Brown, who earned a modest-by-NBA-standards $2.15 million this season, it's over 40 times. 

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lakers (Mike Brown) hire John Kuester as assistant coach

This afternoon the Lakers hired John Kuester as the assistant coach to Mike Brown. This was expected as Brown is most likely going to bring in familiar faces to help smooth his transition into an organization whose players (I'm sure) are reluctant to bring out their welcome mats. Kuester served as Mike's assistant coach back in 2007.

Elliott Teaford at said this about John Kuester...

Kuester coached the Detroit Pistons for the last two seasons before being fired. He barely survived a players' mutiny at midseason. He was 57-107 in two seasons, with the Pistons missing the playoffs twice. The low point of the 2010-11 season came on Feb. 25, when seven players missed all or part of the team's shootaround and Kuester played only the six who made it on time during a lopsided loss that night to the 76ers.

Kuester benched veteran Richard Hamilton for the better part of seven weeks and also did not play point guard Rodney Stuckey at the start and the end of the season. Kuester was fired earlier this month, after the Pistons ownership changed hands to an investment group headed by California businessman Tom Gores.

Here's a quote from Kuester about joining Brown's staff: "I'm extremely excited to be working with Mike Brown, as well as to have the opportunity to work with the Lakers, one of the premier organizations in the NBA."

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Candy Man [still] can!

What's this crazy talk about the Lakers organization trying to get rid of Lamar Odom? I can't believe what my eyes are reading! It's nauseating. Thank God for Pepto.

If Buss/Kupchak are allowed one bonehead move in the off season, then they just used their "Get out of Jail Free" card. THANKFULLY the Timberwolves turned down the Odom trade offer for their No. 2 NBA draft pick. How can this thought even be fathomed? We're talking about Lamar Odom here!

It saddens me that I have to justify Odom's stay by going over numbers that all fans already know. Here are very favoring numbers from this past season:

LO averaged 14ppg, with 9rebs. He shot a career high 38% behind the arc. He shot a career high 53% in FG's. He played in ALL 82 games. He scored a total of 1,180 points, a personal best since his 2005-06 season. 68 Three pointers made, again, a personal best since his 2005-06 season. He made 473 FG attempts, only his 2000-01 season shows more.

As a starter LO averaged a double-double, 16ppg and 10rebs. I'm by far no expert NBA analyst but it appears to me that this is a very simple formula. Just give Odom minutes and he'll give you a hefty contribution game in and game out.

For being in the league 12 years, it's evident that Lamar is only getting better with every passing season. We need him as much as we need Kobe and Gasol.

If this is a matter of dumping Odom's $8 million dollar salary, there's another player on the roster with just as big of a salary that is also cross-hairs worthy. How about Loooooooot Walton. He's making (not earning) just over $5 million to play a 54 game season while averaging 2ppg.
To top all of this off, Buss and Kupchak are currently in trade talks with the 76ers to possibly trade Odom for Andre Iguodala.

Introducing Metta World Peace

According to, Ron Artest is changing his name to Metta World Peace. Ron Ron filed a petition in L.A. County Superior Court to change his name to -- World Peace.

TMZ further stated that these name changes are typically granted by a judge unless it would result in confusion or fraud. 

Apparently Ron's first choice, Big Headed Astronaut was already taken by Kanye West.

Photo credit: TMZ

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