Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who would you rather see play at the Staples Center - Kobe Bryant or Blake Griffin?

Recently SportsNation conducted a poll to see how many fans would rather see Kobe or Blake Griffin play. Lakers fans will obviously be partial to this poll but to actually think that 55% would pay to see Blake play baffles me. Yes Blake is having a career high season (not hard to do since this is technically his rookie season) and will most likely win rookie of the year honors but to say that his spin move poster dunks and ally-oop bombs wows more than Kobe's pursuit for a 3-peat is just nuts. Yes Blake's 27th consecutive double-double and already earned Dominique retired "Human Highlight Reel" nickname is all so great but let I remind you that we're talking about Kobe here. Just remember Blake, the reason why you jump higher than our boy Kobe is because Kobe wears 5 championship rings. You try dunking with all that jewelry.

Here are direct inserts from ESPN SportsCenter.     

55 percent of SportsNation viewers would rather pay to see Blake Griffin play than Kobe Bryant.

SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd disagrees, “If I go watch Kobe that means I bought a Lakers ticket and I’m going to see the world champions. In order to see Blake Griffin I would have to go to a Clippers game and if you asked me if I’d rather go to the orthodontist or a Clippers game, it’s a total toss up.”

However, ESPN analyst Jenn Brown agrees with viewers, “We already know what we are getting with Kobe Bryant, we’re getting the fade away jumper. I like dunks. I think it’s more exciting. That’s why I like Griffin, he’s a human highlight reel.”

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lakers win Seven and I welcome you Noah Evan

DING DING DING DING...Introducing first, crying out of the blue corner, cradled at 19 inches tall, weighing in at 6 pounds, 0 ounces. He holds a professional diaper changing record of 6-3, 6 pooped/3 soiled, all 9 diapers with KO losses. He is the current, reigning and defending cutest newborn champion of the world, smiling in all the way from Orange County, CA: Noah "Evan" GARCIA!

I have to say this week was not too shabby. My champion was finally born. He came into our lives on 1/12/11 (almost pulled the 1/11/11 birthday). And on top of that the champs win 7 straight. What a week indeed. Even though I couldn't find the time to watch any of this weeks games I was able to watch Sports Center highlights from our hospital room TV. Any chance I had I spent it with him but the very second he fell asleep I peeked at stats. From my quick late night/early morning observations LO and Brown have been playing great.

Lets give credit where credit is rarely given, the bench. Since the devastating loss to the Grizzlies at home, LO has since gone bananas. He's scored 105 points and pulled in 75 rebounds. Give this man more playing time coach! The man is a monster. 6th Man of the year perhaps? Here's another candidate for that award, Shannon Brown. Brown is also looking impressive in this current 7 game winning streak. He's averaging 11 PPG and shooting 47% FG. If we play well off the oak we rarely ever choke.

Don't get me wrong, the usual contributors are playing well too. In the last 7 W's Kobe has averaged 25 PPG and shooting 48% FG. Gasol is averaging 18 PPG and averaging 11 boards.

Let's aim for 14 straight beating Boston at the end of this month!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kobe Bryant is 10th All Time NBA Scorer

Congrats to the Black Mamba for passing Dominique Wilkins as the 10th all time NBA leader in points. Tonight Kobe suited up having 26,654 career points. He needed just 15 against Detroit to surpass The Human Highlight Film. Since Kobe always brings his A game when playing the Pistons, scoring 14+ points was as automatic as a Fisher 1 pointer.

Put away your Texas Instruments, I've done the math already and figured out how high on the list Kobe can get by the end of this season. After scoring 17 tonight, Kobe will now need 40 points (26,711 pts) to become the NBA's 9th all time prolific scorer. After that, Kobe will need 236 (26,947 pts) to pass Olajuwon for the 8th spot. That will only require about 5 ppg for the remaining 50 games of the regular season. That's certainly doable. Is the 7th spot obtainable this season? Well, Kobe will need 643 (27,314 pts) to get it. This means that Kobe will have to average 13 ppg for the remaining season. 6th Spot? Kobe will need 739 (27,410 pts) averaging just 15 ppg. 5th Spot? Okay now you're being greedy. Although we would all love to see KB pass Shaq, this will have to wait unfortunately for several reasons. Reason 1, Shaq is still racking in the points, with his 6th team (cough). Reason #2, lets just say Shaq has a season ending injury, Kobe will then need 1,830 (28,501 pts) and average roughly 37 ppg for the remaining season to pass The Green Giant.

Click on the chart below to keep track of Kobe's adventures to the 6th spot this season courtesy of NBA.com.

Lakers vs Grizzlies Game Recap 1/2/2011