Friday, December 2, 2011

Dodger fans believe in Magic

When you read about HOF Magic Johnson and the L.A. Dodgers all on one sentence, it's typically about, well, what the heck is it typically about? In this case its all about the possibility of Magic being part owner of the once eminent Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

Today he made the big announcement via (like most celebrities do nowadays) Twitter. He tweeted:

Yes it's true, Bill Plaschke from LA wrote an article covering the story and his intro reads:

Magic Johnson, the Lakers legend-turned-businessman, has lined up the Guggenheim financial services firm and respected baseball executive Stan Kasten in hopes of buying the Dodgers. 

The great city of angels desperately needs this lift, this spark that will revive the spirit of all Dodger fans who've given up on their boys in blue. They've had a tough year to say the least, a year that began with a nasty and very publicized divorce of (ex)team owner Frank McCourt that ultimately led to a filed bankruptcy of the organization and two Dodger fans who carelessly with no concern for human life brutally assaulted a Giants fan on opening day.  

Magic said this in a phone interview today:

"I am so hyped, I'm ready to start right now. The Dodgers have been so important to this community for so many years, for so many reasons. I've lived through it all like everyone else and I want to make them great again."

Magic is a leading staple in the L.A. communities and his foundation, The Magic Johnson Foundation is fueled by their motto, "We are the communities we serve". MJF partners with key corporate companies in efforts to help the communities eliminate negative cultural barriers; advance economic and social equality by engaging minorities in every aspect of their communities; increase academic and innovative achievement; and raise HIV/AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention.

This year Magic is celebrating two milestones. He is celebrating 20 years of beating HIV and 20 years since the inception of his foundation. Its been an especially great year for Magic. To think it might be capped off with him owning a piece of an L.A. legacy that is awaiting rebuilding.


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