Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stop the Presses! Gasol & Odom are still Lakers

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Hold up! Wait a minute! Let me put some veto in it! As quickly as Odom's tears were drying up, NBA team owners ran to Commish David Stern screaming VETO! VETO! just posted this on their site:

"League sources have told Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports that several owners have contacted NBA Commissioner David Stern in an attempt to convince him to veto a three team deal that would send Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. Paul’s current team, the New Orleans Hornets, is owned by the NBA, which has upset many owners, Wojnarowski has reported."

The execution of the veto was confirmed by both ESPN and Yahoo! Sports.

This is great news in my personal opinion. The thought of losing both Odom and Gasol in one trade for CP3 and perhaps Okafor made me sick to my stomach, literally. I'm eating soup right now.

As of tonight, December 8, 2011, one day before the NBA Free Frenzy Agency officially starts, Gasol and Odom are still Lakers and are not going anywhere. Who really knows what to expect the next several weeks though.

What does this roller coaster mean to Odom and Gasol who clearly are on the chopping block? How do we expect them to feel knowing now that the only reason they weren't forced to call their real estate agent was because of several team owners rushing to Stern to veto the trade?

I know we need a PG but losing both Odom and Gasol in the process is nightmare-ish. This kind of stuff is how horror movies start.

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