Friday, December 16, 2011

Say it ain't so Kobe

The Lakers organization is saved by the bell, the Orange County Superior Court's front desk bell that is. Whatever pressure Kupchak had to make his big off season move has now been overshadowed by Vanessa Bryant's big off season move. Kobe Bryant's wife filed for divorce today citing irreconcilable differences.

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Kobe is in deep (bad pun), I mean REAL DEEP. No prenup and having been married for over 10 years? With no prenuptial agreement, Vanessa will be entitled to half of Kobe's total earnings during their 10-year marriage (estimated to be more than $100-million) and on top of that since their marriage lasted more than 10 years in this great state of California Kobe will have to pay Vanessa alimony for the rest of her life, unless of course she remarries. Chances are she won't remarry.

I'm not one to throw out over-said cliche's but this opportunity is begging to be called. These apply to both Kobe and Vanessa:

Kobe - "Once a dog always a dog"
Vanessa - "Past is Prologue"

Clever, clever girl. While Kobe sadly earns his, Vanessa is strategically awarded hers. Kobe's unfaithful past has become Vanessa's quite profitable prologue. I'm not going to be empathetic to Mrs. Bryant as she certainly planned this, patiently waiting for the right time to divorce her cheating husband. It's no coincidence that she filed for divorce just months after the 10-year mark of tying the knot. She's rushing in to cash in her earnings and call it a loss. Unfortunately the loss comes at the expense of their two beautiful girls, 8-year-old Natalia and 5-year-old Gianna who will have to see Mom and Dad separately now.

Kobe should've done what Tom Cruise did. No not jump the couch but file for divorce before the 10-year mark to avoid having to pay a lifetime of alimony. If Kobe was still fooling around like Vanessa is claiming he was, he should've at least manned up by ending the marriage in a smart way rather than being sucker punched days before the season starts. Talk about a distraction.

What woman would be worth this much trouble? Let me rephrase, what women would be worth this much trouble? Let's backup here and revisit Kobe's bad boy behavior that caused his new-found bachelorhood. 

Kobe is arguably the best player on the court but unfortunately for his wife Vanessa, he holds this title off the court as well. His highly publicized adulterous D'oh! moment that officially labeled Kobe Bryant as just another unfaithful NBA player came in the summer of 2003, just two years into his young marriage (Kobe 22/Vanessa 18) when he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting the woman he fooled around with at an Eagle, Colorado hotel. His mug shot hit newsstands the following month courtesy of Sports Illustrated. The case was later dropped but the accuser's civil suit was settled outside of court.

Kobe was quick to get his wife an 8-carat purple diamond ring worth about $4-million and Vanessa was just as quick to accept it. Apparently one with money can buy a second chance. Hmm, man cheats on wife, man apologizes with very expensive gift, wife accepts very expensive gift and forgets all.

So you ask, "What's better than a $4-million 8-carat I'm sorry diamond ring? How about a tattoo that will always remind your apologetic husband how important you are in his life.

Kobe had his upper right arm inked to show his wife he will never be unfaithful ever again. The tattoo shows the name Vanessa under a crown to represent the importance of his wife, two angel wings and the inscription Psalm XVII to express his faith.

That's another thing, why do people suddenly declare their faith in troubled times? Stop playing the God card, He's not your convenient scapegoat. Tiger did it, Kobe did it, OJ Simpson did it, every celebrity does it. If your new-found faith is truly genuine and your new way of life, you wouldn't be doing the same stupid shit that got you in trouble in the first place now would you?

Nobody's perfect I know but when failure is upon you, you tend to learn from it. Kobe displays this on the court, he seeks perfection and when he fails, he works harder to be that much better. He leads by example and is always the first one to hit the hardwood pregame. This is why he's so successful in the NBA.

It's too bad he couldn't reciprocate his basketball ethic towards his marriage.

This off season has been an eventful one for the Lakers to say the least. Don't you dare blink because I have a feeling there's more to come. 



  1. Perhaps, focus will be a priority, and perhaps it's a banner year for the Lakers. Only time will tell. Well written Eric!

  2. What's up Tim? Ya we're hoping for the best but really expecting the worst for this upcoming season. Too much turmoil on and off the court for any hope of a successful season.

    "Never give up hope" comes into play in times like these for the Lakers. I made an oath to stand by this but this off-season is really testing die-hard fans.

    Like you said, only time will tell.

    Thanks for visiting the site.


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