Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme

Here's a look at Kobe's latest signature shoes, the Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme's which were released earlier this week on December 22, 2011.

What really makes the new Nike Zoom Kobe VII shoes different from previous designs is the System Supreme concept. The complete system includes the Attack Fast and Attack Strong interchangeable soles. The video above shows Kobe Bryant and Nike Creative Director Eric Avar discuss in greater detail what the System Supreme entails.

Kobe approached his newest design with the intent to truly enhance the wearers game. Thanks to Kobe's vision and Nike's creative team, his new shoe is a work of ingenuity.

The new Nike Zoom Kobe VII System Supreme shoes come with the following add-ins:

Play Fast soles
The Play Fast or Attack Fast add-in is a detachable sole that has two zoom bags, one in the heel and one in the forefoot, which gives the wearer low profile and very responsive cushioning.

Play Strong soles
The Play Strong or Attack Strong add-in is a detachable cushlon midsole and sensory cuff made out of lunar foam which provides a little more cushion and optimal comfort and protection from the explosive movements.

Entire System Supreme
To recap, the entire System Supreme includes the Nike Zoom Kobe VII shoes and interchangeable Play Fast and Play Strong detachable soles.

Cost breakdown:

Nike Kobe VII System Supreme: $180
Attack Fast and Attack Strong version.
Nike Zoom Kobe VII System: $140
The Attack Fast version only.
Click here to get your pair.

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