Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Los Angeles Clipper - Chris Paul

Where to begin? As I stare at my computer screen struggling to filter my intro, I can't stop but think about what's transpired over in Clipper land. I am in complete disbelief that the other team sharing our arena robbed us from Chris Paul. Clips more deserving? Perhaps, but there's still a crime scene to investigate here. Charges have to be made right?

Before I rant, the Clippers and its fan base have been patiently waiting for this day to happen for a long time now and for that I congratulate them. Sports analysts have rightfully labeled the Clippers as a viable playoff team for years to come now that they've acquired a 26-year-old superstar PG in Chris Paul. Also, claiming Billups from the league's amnesty waiver where he can't be traded this season really helps too.

Where is Dan Gilbert now Stern? Check your junk email folder because emails are often sent there accidentally. Anyhow, how can a different team that shares the same arena as the "large market" Lakers get away with a similar trade?

Clippers CP3 Trade
New Orleans Hornets got:
  1. Clipper - Eric Gordan
  2. Clipper - Al-Farouq Aminu
  3. Clipper - Chris Kaman
  4. First-round draft pick
Clippers along with Paul get two future second-round draft picks
Lakers CP3 Trade
New Orleans Hornets would've gotten:
  1. Laker - Larmar Odom
  2. Rocket - Luis Scola
  3. Rocket - Kevin Martin
  4. Rocket - Goran Dragic
  5. First-round draft pick.
Pau Gasol would've gone to Houston.

This is where my frustrations start. Regardless of how I personally felt about the Odom/Gasol trade initially, Chris Paul going to the Clippers (who are essentially in the same demographic market as the Lakers) veto-free is outrageous and unfair.

As a Laker fan you have to ask yourself, "Where is the justice in all of this?" I know the Lakers would've lost Odom/Gasol regardless if there wasn't a trade disqualification but losing Odom to Dallas (Kupchak not informing Odom of the trade to begin with didn't help either) for an 8-mill trade exception and no Chris Paul is a massive blunder to this Laker dynasty.

Today, the Orlando Magic pulled Dwight Howard off the trade market. They said that the Nets and Lakers offers "were not worth executing."

Add this to your pile of bad news this offseason.

There's speculation however that the Orlando Magic made the announcement in hopes that the Lakers would counter with a more appealing offer.

In Kupchak's recent interview with the media yesterday, he did say that he intends to keep his three "primo" players, Kobe, Pau and Andrew. So what fire power do the Lakers have if they are still in pursuit of Howard?

I can't wait to see what big move the Lakers have in store. I hope the move will remind fans of how awesome their Lakers GM is in his abilities to always find a way to move the Lakers forward.



  1. Great post! Stern can try to defend his rejecting of the Lakers' offer to get CP3 all he wants to but it's the conflict of interest that's always been the issue from the get-go. How can the city of L.A. be a big market when it comes to the Lakers but a small market for the Clippers? If the Lakers don't get Howard by Christmas, it will be interesting how both Gasol and Bynum will perform until the trade deadline.

  2. Hey Ezra,

    Thanks. I totally agree with you, how is the market larger for the Lakers than the clippers? Both of their team names start with "Los Angeles".

    Last time I checked, Blake won the dunk contest and is all over KIA commercials. Trust me, the Clippers have just the same exposure as just many fans as the Lakers. Hollywood celebrities haven't jumped on the Clipper bus yet but they just might this season though.

    Ezra I really don't see Howard coming on board to be honest with you. I've already blocked him off. I hope Kupchak surprises us by adding a player we all missed as a potential Laker candidate.

    Maybe he's magically working on a deal to bring in D. Williams without the team having to lose our big men. That would be friggin' awesome!

    I personally don't think we need a big man, more of a PG to orchestrate a past-paced offense to match the younger and quicker teams.

    Man I can't wait for the season to start already.


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