Friday, December 9, 2011

Magic did say to blow up the team

Remember back to the Dallas/Lakers Western Conference Semifinals this past postseason, specifically on May 7th when L.A. posted an article about Magic fuming to Buss that the team needs to blow up and make drastic roster changes after going 0-3 in the series?

Magic said, "Dr. Buss has a lot of work to do, he's probably going to have to blow this team up after the season if the Lakers lose this series because you have to come back with some fresh faces. You have to pick between the two big men with which one you keep and then you trade the other one."

He continued to say, "The Lakers have two problems, they're too slow and they have no athletes. This is an athletic league now. When you think about all the teams that are in the playoffs right now, they all can run fast and jump high."

"Sometimes you can be together too long...this group has been probably together too long."

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Magic's words are coming to fruition. The team has been exposed and the burning fuse will reach the bomb that will inevitably blow this team apart.

Shannon Brown is leaving for the Suns. That makes the Lakers bench more depleted. Is Luke Walton going to stay for the money? He needs to retire. The Lakers' greatest weakness is their bench. The Heat, Thunder, Bulls, and others do not have that problem.  

The Lakers need to pick up CP3 and start looking for other star players. The organization is re-building the team. The Heat is stacked now; they just picked up Battier.

Remember, Lamar is 32 years old. CP3 is 26. Pau is soft and Lamar wants to make a movie - according to a Steven A. Smith interview;

"It would be a good movie... gonna get that script ready." - Lamar Odom.

We need to get back to business. Pau and Odom are going to leave regardless per Jim Buss. I would rather trade Bynum.

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