Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lakers and Knicks - Oh yeah it's on

Los Angeles Lakers (1-2) vs. New York Knicks (1-1)
Streaks: Lakers Won 1 - Knicks Lost 1
Time: 7:30PM PST - TV: TNT


Coming into tonight's game the Los Angeles Lakers have winning momentum while the New York Knicks have their fourth quarter melt down from last night's loss to the Warriors still lingering in their taste buds.

Melo was off, I mean more off than a Vampires light switch last night against the Golden State Warriors. He shot 3-13 FG and was 0-4 3PT only scoring 13 points. The last time he shot this poorly was back on 11/9/2011 where he scored an equally 13 points.

Lakers need to capitalize on his shooting slump. They need to put pressure on him quickly so he can continue bricking before Melo catches an early shooting rhythm and scores 30+ like he did in their season opener.

Remember, Andrew Bynum is serving his last day of his 4-game suspension tonight. Upon his return, He will be replacing Pau at the 5 and Pau will be replacing McRoberts at the 4. McRoberts will be coming off the McBench from that point on.

I've said it before this will be the Lakers "toughest" match-up yet.   

Projected line-ups:

Lakers starting five and averages:
  1. Derek Fisher (6pts/2reb/3ast)
  2. Kobe Bryant (28pts/7reb/6ast)
  3. Devin Ebanks (7pts/3reb/1ast)
  4. Josh McRoberts (5pts/6reb/2ast)
  5. Pau Gasol (17pts/9reb/2ast)
 Knicks starting five and averages:
  1. Toney Douglas (13pts/4reb/3ast)
  2. Landry Fields (11pts/2reb/3ast)
  3. Carmelo Anthony (25pts/5reb/2ast)
  4. Amare Stoudemire (19pts/8reb/1blks)
  5. Tyson Chandler (5pts/3reb/3blks)
Notable stats
  • Kobe Bryant is currently ranked 3rd in points (27.7 ppg)
  • Even with Melo's bad performance last night he's still ranked 5th in points (25 ppg)
  • Tyson Chandler is currently ranked 4th in blocked shots (3 blkpg)
Mismatches to consider

Ebanks/Melo - Yikes. Coach Brown will need to keep an eye out on this one. This match-up is heavily favored for NY.

McRoberts/Stoudemire - Yikes Part II. If Stoudemire gets his way with Josh, L.A. will be in a heap of trouble.

Kobe/Landry - Okay now we're talking. The Black Mamba should have his way and make Mr. Fields here a Mrs. Fields Cookie if you know what I mean. This 2-year young buck will get schooled by the more experienced 5-time NBA champ.

Gasol/Chandler - This one is a toss up for me - I definitely see Gasol outscoring Chandler easily but on the other side of the token I see Chandler playing better defensively. If great D equals points then this match-up should be a good one.

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