Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Is it time for the Lakers to trade Kobe Bryant and start over?

Now that the Los Angeles Clippers have snagged top point guard Chris Paul, they appear to have a better, younger squad than the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact I think the Clips will make the playoffs and end up with a better record than the Lakers. Do you know why? Because the window has closed on the Lake Show.

Think about it. Phil Jackson is gone. Lamar Odom is gone. And if Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has his way, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol could be next. But trading two bigs for one big, in Orlando's Dwight Howard, makes no sense.

Face it Laker fans, it is time to do the unthinkable. It is time to trade perennial All-Star Guard Kobe Bryant. The Lakers can easily get a big haul in return - and there are quite a few teams looking for a good shooter like Kobe.

We need to keep Gasol and Bynum and build around them. Trade Bryant and you can fill the hole at point guard and probably land a decent small forward and another guard as well as a draft pick.

Don't you think the Chicago Bulls would be interested? Imagine what the Black Mamba could do in the back court with terrific point guard Derrick Rose!

I don't know if Bryant has a no-trade clause but surely he might be willing to waive it if the Lakers can send him to a team that can win now. How about the New Jersey Nets? They would be a different team with Deron Williams, Kobe and Brooks Lopez as their top trio. And they could send a bunch of spare parts to L.A. in return - or maybe help the Lakers in a three-way with Orlando, where the Lakers would end up with Howard and Bynum would end up either in Orlando or in New Jersey.

How about the Philadelphia Sixers? They might be willing to bring Kobe home to where he played high school ball, and they have a ton of young players and picks that they could send to L.A. Perhaps they might even throw in Andre Iguodala?

If Kupchak puts Kobe on the market, the offers will come and the Lakers will be able to start the rebuilding process, perhaps sooner than we all thought it would come. But it does appear to be time to blow up the roster, as Magic Johnson himself recommended after the Dallas Mavericks beat L.A. last year.


  1. Have you gone mad!!!! Trade perhaps one of the greatest of all-time? We just need to be patient and let the dust settle here. LA still has some great players that can come to life. I still know that Steve Blake can be far better than he was last year and if he turns it up, that is the missing cog in the wheel. Odom still hurts. That one hurts to the inner most part of the soul but, maybe it will make Pau more dominating and aggressive knowing that Odom isn't on the bench. They'll be OK, they always are for the Lakers. Minus a few bad years in the Nick the quick days!
    I love your site as I've said before but, you scared me with this post! Hopefully you wrote it late at night when things were feeling lonely! Kobe's perception and knowledge of the game is reason enough to keep him, even if he is getting older and slowing a bit. Even Rose aka Mr. MVP looks to Kobe to help himself make improvements in his own game. Keep up the good work my man, GO LAKERS!

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    LOL...we haven't gone mad, just weighing our options. Our colleague posted this article last night and it definitely raised some eye brows.

    We wanted to test the waters to see what the main consensus was with the article and yes the general response is negative.

    Great article and good points, but Laker fans are not agreeing.


  4. do not trade kobe bryant that team woudnt be as good as they were when they was with kobe bryant if they trade kobe you minesv well just delete the lakers that is the worst mistake that you can do


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