Saturday, December 3, 2011

Do we really want to lose Gasol, Bynum for Howard?

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 The latest big trade rumors circle around Orlando Magic's 3-time reigning Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard. Howard aka Superman will be a free agent next summer and everyone expects the Magic organization to make a move before keeping him for another season and gamble losing him for nearly nothing in the 2012 off season. 

Every sports radio station is buzzing around this hot topic. Dwight is no stranger to rumors of coming to L.A., before the NBA lockout was even looming, articles were being written headlining the subject. So, could the Lakers actually land such a superstar big man?

First of all, only if Dwight Howard wants to come to L.A. Lets make it clear that the Magic organization will not willingly let their star center leave unless he wants to. Trust me when I say this, they intend to exhaust every last second of his ending contract.      

Dwight Howard might consider the success L.A. received when they stole Shaq from Orlando. Three championship seasons in a row would be enough to say see ya! The Lakers did also pick up coach Phil Jackson when Shaq came on board. No more Phil might also come into play but then again L.A. has a lot of planking opportunities.
In a recent phone interview Ken Berger of said that the Lakers will have to lose Gasol and Bynum for Dwight and a throw in consolation prize of Turkoglu. I say that is way too much to lose, especially when Laker fans should anticipate a shortened season to benefit an injury prone Andrew Bynum. Rest assured, the kid is healthy and he will have his best season yet. We can't afford to replace our twin towers for just one.

In fact, L.A. is okay in the big man category having Gasol, Bynum and reigning Sixth Man of the Year Odom at the 4 spot. Why are we so quick to make roster changes when we already have the artillery in the back court? Don't let the Dallas sweep convince you otherwise. We are okay.

If there ever was a spot on the roster to consider trading for, it's at the #1. J.J. Barea, Aaron Brooks, Rodney Stuckey, Mario Chalmers, Mike Bibby, T.J. Ford, Patrick Mills, Carlos Arroyo, Earl Watson, Sebastian Telfair are all legit free agents this season.

Let's not forgot the entertaining possibility of trading for CP3 and D. Williams too.

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  1. As I've said many times before, acquiring Howard is nice but not a necessity no matter who the Lakers have to give up. If Berger's story holds water, giving up both Gasol and Bynum for Howard is foolish in every level. But I think the Lakers know that and what areas they really need to address starting Dec. 9th. We'll see what happens.


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