Friday, December 30, 2011

The Candy Man has gone sour in Dallas

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In lieu of talking about the reigning champion Dallas Mavericks who've yet to win this season lets talk about Lamar's performance so far with the team.

In Lamar's first three games of his Dallas Mavericks inaugural season his numbers are, well lets just say not so Laker-ish. He's 4-27 in field goals, 1-11 behind the arc and consequently has only scored a total of 14 points with an average of 5PPG/4RPG. Finding his role in Dallas has proven to be more difficult than his natural transition as a Laker.

To compare oranges to apples, in Lamar's first three games of his Laker debut in the 2004-05 season he was averaging 14PPG/11RPG/2BLK/3STL/3AST. Granted Odom was given more playing time but that goes to show that Lamar's role for the Lakers was more valuable than his current role for the Mavs sitting on the bench only averaging 21 minutes.

Looking back Gasol handled the vetoed trade in a much different manner than Odom. Pau kept his composure and went back to work despite his name continuously being brought up in trade rumors. His professionalism stood out while Odom looked for the nearest exit sign. Lamar voiced his frustrations on the air waves and demanded to be traded. The Lakers then made his demands a quick reality and sent him to Dallas. In retrospect maybe Lamar should've cooled down before being so reactive, perhaps a reaction fueled by a drama queen reality TV star wife.

We wish Lamar the very best and hope that he finds his groove as a Mav soon.


  1. Let's also add that the Mavs and their fans have not forgotten about what he did to Dirk in Game 4. It's tough to fit in when the environment isn't so welcoming. Good post!

  2. That's right Ezra! I had forgotten about that shove into Dirk. This is their version of payback. You push down Dirk, we sign you and make you regret leaving the Lakers.

  3. Age has caught up with the Mavericks. They look pretty done.

    The Lakers are getting Bynum back. Game on!

  4. Hi Art. Mavs finally got their first win over the Raptors last night...damn it. I was hoping they'd go 0-66 this season.

    Dallas losing Chandler and Barea this past off season has proven costly for the team too.


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