Saturday, December 17, 2011

Barnes to start over World Peace

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Coach Brown has decided to start Matt Barnes over Metta World Peace (still chuckling when I read his name) for the start of the season. This is not to be misconstrued as a demotion for Metta but more of an opportunity for his leadership to serve a vital role in the second unit.

Since Lamar is in Dallas now, filling in the void left behind by the reigning 6th Man of the Year will have to be tried by the better candidate for the job, Metta. With that in mind this makes sense however coming of the bench will give Metta less playing time.

This concerns me. Metta is a monster defensively and knows how to control his temper better than the loose canon Barnes (go figure). Matt has serious issues controlling his temper. If the opposing team is smart all they have to do is match Barnes up with a player that would test him in hopes he gets a technical or two.

Last summer Barnes slapped an assistant coach during a summer league game and punched an opposing player this past summer in a San Francisco Pro-Am game.

Matt was also suspended for one game in March when he came to the defense of Steve Blake after Blake was pushed to the floor by Dallas Maverick Jason Terry. That was actually the moment I became a Barnes Liker. Matt was the first one to rush in and return the favor but also shoved assistant coach Terry Stotts in the process. Even though it appeared that Barnes lost it yet again, him pushing Terry is the kind of team chemistry the Lakers will especially need this upcoming season. Here's the video...

If Barnes can remain healthy (53 games last season), this is the opportunity he's been waiting for as a Laker but the very second he loses his cool and forgets what coach Brown sees in him, his starting role should be given back to Metta.

Last season averages to consider:

Matt Barnes - 7PPG, 4REBS, 47% FG and 78% FT.
Metta World Peace - 8PPG, 3REBS, 2STL, 40% FG and 68% FT.

Matt is the better shooter but Metta is the better defensive player. Which player would you start at the 3 if you were coach Mike Brown?

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