Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011-12 Lakers Regular Season Schedule

Today is a great day for NBA fans. Just weeks ago fans were left with an NBA season that had an outlook as dismal as a dead man walking on a green mile. Yes, fans have been pardoned with a 66-game regular season schedule and today showed evidence of it.

For the Lakers, opening the season with a 3-0 record won't come easy. They start their 2011-12 regular season with the only back-back-back of their [a little more than] 4-month schedule.

December 25-27 will consist of the Bulls (h), Kings (a) and Jazz (h).

Thanks to Lakers.com, we already have the schedule dissected and it doesn't look good. Yikes! 18 Back-to-back games?

Day-By-Day Games

Sunday - 14 (10h/4a)
Monday - 5 (2h/3a)
Tuesday - 11 (7h/4a)
Wednesday - 10 (2h/8a)
Thursday - 7 (2h/5a)
Friday - 13 (8h/5a)
Saturday - 6 (2h/4a)

Month-To-Month Games

December - 5 (4h/1a)
January - 17 (9h/8a)
February - 13 (4h/9a)
March - 17 (9h/8a)
April - 14 (7h/7a)

Five Feature Games

Jan.16th vs. Dallas
Jan. 19th @ Miami
Feb. 23rd @ OKC
Mar. 11th vs. Boston
April 20th @ San Antonio

Click here to view for the entire Lakers 2011-12 regular season schedule

Click here to download the official 2011-12 Lakers Regular Season Schedule Wallpaper courtesy of Lakers.com

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