Saturday, November 5, 2011

Union decertification will diminish hopes of an NBA season

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The players need to take the 50/50 deal and get back to work. The meeting on November 5th seems to be make-or-break. The players should have been working on a deal more than a year before the end of the 2011 NBA season. It is too late for the players; they need to learn from their mistakes. One needs to assume that in 10 years, this saga will replay itself. The owners will want more, then offer the players 43% of BRI. A minimum BRI needs to be established to curtail future disputes.

Union decertification? Too late. Decertification will certainly cancel the 2011-12 season.

David Stern does not have his house in order. Mr. Stern needs to be fired. Any Corporate CEO/CFO would have been run out of town if they used the same business strategies as Mr. Stern. After having the most successful NBA season in history; we now have no NBA games.

According to the New York Times (11-4-11), Michael Jordan - owner of the Bobcats - is playing hard ball and is requesting additional cost cutting. While he was the highest paid NBA player in history, Jordan stated “If you can’t make a profit, you should sell your team.” Time to stand by your words Mr. Jordan.

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