Friday, November 11, 2011

10 Reasons for an NBA season

With a revised proposal of a 72-game NBA season tentatively starting 12/15/2011, the media and fans have been given yet another deadline to anticipate not being met. The defeated look on Sterns face from a recent interview says it all.

The main consensus in the Tweeting world is that all renewed hope the fans had for a forged CBA this week is sadly exhausted. With every passing day of no "Amazing" NBA action, a new fan falls like an autumn leaf. Soon enough the tree of hope will look as bare and frail as these negotiations.

The fans are left with nothing but spoken word from both parties. All of this chatter could produce another Egyptian pyramid. It's time to walk the walk. If there ever was a reason to get something drawn out, I'm giving you 10.

I came across an intriguing article from They write about the 9 businesses that were most impacted by the NBA lockout. Click on the link just above for the full article.
  1. Television
  2. Advertisers
  3. Shoe Companies
  4. Apparel Companies
  5. Video Game Makers
  6. Fantasy Basketball Sites
  7. Local Pubs and Restaurants
  8. Vendors/Concessionaires
  9. Ticket Brokers
I'm adding No. 10 to this list - The NBA basketball fan.

The above-mentioned businesses are fueled by the fans. The fans have been hit the hardest. They are the NBA's #1 client. Basketball enthusiasts are always finding ways to represent their favorite team.

Fans are eager to boast how well their team is playing whether through a cool looking NBA authentic jersey w/ matching cap, a fresh new pair of Nike Zoom Kobe 7 shoes, maybe even by playing an NBA 2K12 video game to fantasize they are their favorite NBA player by the push of a button, or perhaps even by staying up late at night rearranging their fantasy basketball team line-up, or by visiting a local bar to catch a game with friends, but most importantly for the league, by purchasing tickets to a game for a very entertaining night.

The owners, players and union need to be sensitive to the foreseeable consequence of these dead-end meetings. The longer this episode takes, the less interested the fans become.

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