Saturday, October 1, 2011

Metta hasn't sunk in until now

Last month Ron Artest as we all know legally changed his name to Metta World Peace. Due to an unpaid parking ticket though his first name change attempt was temporarily halted which benefited Artest when the social media got word of this. Any news to help publicize Artest's latest experiment is great news.

Even his Dancing with the Stars appearance helped matters. Their marketing efforts were aimed at introducing "Ron Artest" among the dancing cast but after Artest paid his parking ticket and the court made things official, the show made the acknowledgement and introduced "Metta World Peace" to millions of people on their third episode. Unaware, the show helped market Metta's new identity but only for one night as he was voted off after only his first week. Apparently the world doesn't want World Peace after all, at least not on the dance floor.   

Yet after being consumed by the media, both socially and televised, his name hadn't sunk in for me. I guess I still wasn't convinced this was real. I kept thinking maybe this was a hoax gone way too far and that Ashton Kutcher would tell the world that we all got punked on one of his Two and a Half Men episodes.

Well, everything became official for me today when I saw ESPN and Yahoo! Sports show a Metta World Peace rather than a Ron Artest. I am no longer in denial. I feel free now and somewhat in a state of Metta. Go figure.    

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