Sunday, October 23, 2011

Largest Lakers collection in the world

Are you the biggest Lakers fan out there? Before you quickly answer yes, take a look at this video recently posted by Lakers reporter Mike Trudell on

Many Lakers fans in their own right claim to have the coolest Lakers collection out there but all pale in comparison to this truly breathtaking mini Lakers HOF museum. I hate to disappoint the average fan whose modest collection starts with Carl's Jr. Lakers bobble heads but when you have Wilt Chamberlain's passport casually thrown into your collection like Mr. Kohler has then you officially own all bragging rights. Dave's collection is documented as the world's largest Lakers collection. His S. Orange County home could be a National Historic Landmark.

Dave Kohler is a very successful sports collections dealer and the president of SCP Auctions. SCP Auctions has handled the sales of many of the most high profile athlete estate collections ever brought to the marketplace including collections from the estates of Honus Wagner, Lefty Grove, Arthur Ashe, Pee Wee Reese, Wilt Chamberlain, Casey Stengel and Bob Cousy to name a few. 

Dave has appeared on and/or contributed expertise to hundreds of news outlets including USA Today, CNN Headline News, ESPN News, ESPN's Cold Pizza, Sports Illustrated, Robb Report, ESPN Radio, The New York Times and many others.

I've read articles, seen photos and videos of Dave's home before and my jaw still drops to the floor every time I'm reminded of his remarkable collection. If Jack Nicholson ever had to defend his title as the Lakers biggest fan, Dave Kohler would be the opponent.

Click here to see video of Dave's "Lakers Shrine"
Click here to see photos of Dave's collection courtesy of ESPN

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