Friday, September 30, 2011

Kobe Bryant is Italy bound

Well it's official. According to an interview with a Roman radio station yesterday, Virtus Bologna team president Claudio Sabatini said, “There’s still some things to arrange but at this point I’m very optimistic. I would say it’s 95 percent done.”

Kobe will get paid 3-million to play 10 games over a 40 day span. This equates to $300,000.00 per game. Congrats to Kobe for making this lockout profitable for him and his fam.

Do you blame him? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to make some dough on his stepping grounds while these dead-end negotiations take place? 

Critics will jab at Kobe for taking the offer to play overseas but fans know this is a real good thing. When the lockout ends and the season begins, Kobe will be in tip-top shape to play.

Yes there is the possibility of Kobe getting hurt but the injury Gods can strike at any time regardless. Just the other day I tripped over a crack on the sidewalk and ate it, and that was from merely walking. The Black Mamba or El Black Mamba will be fine.

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