Friday, August 5, 2011

Matt Barnes loves his Summer punch and socks

Matt Barnes yet again finds himself making headlines in the off-season. This time his uncontrollable angry side punches (or socks if you will) an opposing playing in a San Francisco Pro-Am game last night. Anger Management sessions anyone? 

Chris Shellcroft from said this:

As you’ll recall, last summer Barnes made his first headlines as a Laker by slapping an assistant coach during a summer league contest. Not one to rest on his laurels, Barnes upped the ante by reportedly punching an opposing player this time around...

...For those keeping score at home this is about the fourth incident Barnes has been involved in during his first 365 days as a Laker. First there was the summer league slap. Next came the domestic dispute in NorCal. During the regular season Barnes was suspend for game after mixing it up with the Mavs. And just to bookend his first year in Los Angeles Barnes comes full circle with another summer league altercation.

Pretty gnarly stuff. After how the team exited in the post-season, this recent episode won't reflect well with the organization.

First came the NBA lockout and now possibly a Matt Barnes lockup. Good times.


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  2. Eric, love the images, first of all. But the Lakers knew who they were signing when they got Matt. I think what Andrew and Lamar did in Dallas damaged the image of the Lakers much more than something this routine for Barnes.

  3. Hey what's up Ezra! How are you? Thanks for stopping by. Ya man, Matt Barnes definitely brought into the organization what was expected of him but in the back of my mind I was kinda hoping for a new side of him that can help the team. He's a wreck mentally and needs serious help on how to control his emotions. Just imagine if this recent incident happened during the regular season? He would be out easily for at least 2 games. We need his (controllable) toughness for the full 82. We have a challenging season ahead of us and LO trade talks and Shannan opting out and now this with Barnes is only adding to the cracks.

    Dude re: your most recent article about Magic, are you a gamer? if so, NBA 2K12 will have Magic on the cover! Players will be able to play as him or Kareem reliving the showtime era and shots like the one you posted of the magic man's baby skyhook I can't wait!

  4. I've been good, man. Good points about Matt Barnes! In all honesty, I think Mike Brown will have a tougher time keeping him on the leash than Artest next season because of what happened with Ron in '94 in Detroit. But I'm really not worried about these guys since Kobe will make sure they stay within the program.

    As far as NBA 2K12, I've been playing it since Sega Sports and ESPN were involved. But yeah, I can't wait for this one (for obvious reasons).


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