Friday, August 19, 2011

Kobe drew the perfect ending at the Drew

Kobe made an appearance at the Drew League located in South Central L.A. this past Tuesday. He not only dropped 45 but he also did what he does best, he made the game winner while fans chanted his name in the closing seconds. It was true destiny for that moment to happen.

Moments like these are why I am a Kobe Bryant fan. He always makes time for the fans.

Here is an excerpt from The Drew League website about their history:

Alvin Willis established the Drew League in 1973 with 6 teams. Willis believed this league could be a place for young men and women of South Central Los Angeles to learn life lessons through basketball.

The Drew League's goal was to help young people form meaningful relationships on the court that would spill over into the neighborhood, as well as build an institution that would bring top local high school, college, and pro players back to the community.

As a long time friend and mentor to Dino Smiley, in 1985 Willis decided it was time to let Smiley have a shot at directing the league. By 1985 the league had grown from the original 6 teams to 10 teams. Today the league matches up 20 "invitation-only" teams to battle it out on the hardwood.

Almost forty years ago, no one would have predicted that the gym at Charles Drew Junior High School on the corner of Compton and Firestone would play host to Southern California's toughest competition, attracting street-ball legends, collegiate athletes, and several NBA star.

The Drew has been a Mecca for west coast pro-am basketball for nearly 40 years, and it is only getting stronger!

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