Thursday, July 14, 2011

The shot that changed everything

This shot will haunt me forever. The hypothetical replays in my head more than Friends reruns on TBS. It's this echoing voice that screams to be acknowledged and heard.

"What if Kobe had made that back rim hitting 3-pointer to take game 1 of the WCF against the now champion Dallas Mavericks?"

I mean Kobe did hit 7 game winning shots in the 2009-10 regular season, why not just this one? Is this too much to ask for? Was his miss kismet?

Maybe momentum would've pushed the Lakers so far ahead that they would only have Miami in full view and Dallas already an after thought.

Perhaps Kobe's game 1 winner would have rocketed his shooting confidence so high that his series FG percentage average of 45.5 would've been his series PPG average.

Possibly his last second clutchness would have carried his team to the highest level rather than the memorable lowest in the closing seconds of a game 4 sweep.
Perchance the Spaniard would have been reminded and inspired by Kobe's last second buzzer beater that he would have performed to his true potential.

Imaginably the series would have gone the opposite way and Lebron and Kobe would have yet again consumed the media's attention for the greatest NBA finals ever.

Conceivably Kobe's game 1 winner would have given Phil Jackson his exiting 11th ring leaving him riding off in the sunset with a legacy that was justified and not questioned.

Kobe's 3-point fade away could have led to another parade on Figueroa, another 3-peat for the Lakers organization, a 6th ring for his personal collection, a 17th championship season only to be tied with Boston, possibly a well deserved high-note ending retirement for Fisher, a more permanent stay for Lamar Odom, a more permanent name for Ron Artest for that matter...I mean the list goes on. 

One shot can change everything and it certainly did.


  1. I think the series wouldn't have been a sweep by Dallas, but I just don't think it could've lifted the Lakers passed the 2nd round. There were just too much going on with the Lakers, and the Mavs were just destined to go all the way. But I feel ya!

  2. Ya Ezra I would have to go agree with you. Dallas was destined to bring home the Larry O'Brien. Good for them.

    I'm glad they won and not Miami actually.


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