Monday, July 11, 2011

Kobe schools Bow Wow and gives bet winnings to staff members

Check out this video from who were there to witness the whole thing develop. This video shows you a small side of how real Kobe is. Apparently Bow Wow just has money to burn.

As I was watching the video I kept thinking there's no Kobe is taking the money right? Then Kobe did what Kobe does. He generously gave his $1,000 dollar winnings to his Basketball Academy staff members. Now that was pretty cool.

Kam Pashai said this about his post...

In likely the most bizarre post we’ve had on this site in maybe 4 years, Kobe Bryant put a beating on rapper/actor Bow Wow. After a bet that was placed during Shannon Brown’s wedding, Kobe took on friend of producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri with rights to Dupri’s latest single on the line against a pair of Lakers season tickets. Bow Wow decided to throw himself into the fire… probably not a wise decision. Bow Wow bet rights to his next single, needless to say he didn’t score a bucket. Bow Wow then requested a re-match with a thousand dollars on the line, jump shots only — same outcome. Kobe then distributed his winnings to his Kobe Basketball Academy staff members.

By the way, Kobe spotted his opponent 10 points in every game. First to 11 wins.

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