Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011-12 Laker Girls auditions on July 16th

Ladies show your stuff and be the next Laker Girl! Auditions are open to the public on July 16th at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo at 9AM sharp! If I was female I would totally show my hip-hop skills.

Here are the perks to becoming the next Laker Girl

1. You will have THE best seats to every Lakers home game.
2. You will make many special appearances
3. You will be featured on the annual Laker Girls calendar that started publication just two years ago
4. You will get hit on by many courtside Hollywood celebrities
5. This will be great exposure for you that may lead to bigger and better opportunities

...and countless more.

Lakers reporter Mike Trudell had a recent Q & A with Laker Girls director Lisa Estrada about the upcoming auditions and Lisa said this about what dancing prospects should focus on and prepared for before entering the Toyota Sports Center on July 16th:

Q: On what aspiring Laker Girls should focus on in advance of auditions on July 16:
Estrada: First of all, the 405 is going to be closed from the 10 to the 101. We put it on the website, and that’s something I hope all the prospects can figure out, because tryouts start at 9 a.m. sharp. The other thing would be that I hope they’re in dance class right now, I hope they’re training for not just the Laker Girls but to be a performer, a dancer. Not just for this one audition, so hopefully they’re in technical, jazz and hip hop training too. If you’re not in dancing shape, you’re going to be thrown material to learn quickly and it’s going to show.

Click here for more information about the July 16th 2011-12 Laker Girls auditions.

Good luck to all the dancers who make the auditions.

Top photo credit: Getty Images

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