Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Candy Man [still] can!

What's this crazy talk about the Lakers organization trying to get rid of Lamar Odom? I can't believe what my eyes are reading! It's nauseating. Thank God for Pepto.

If Buss/Kupchak are allowed one bonehead move in the off season, then they just used their "Get out of Jail Free" card. THANKFULLY the Timberwolves turned down the Odom trade offer for their No. 2 NBA draft pick. How can this thought even be fathomed? We're talking about Lamar Odom here!

It saddens me that I have to justify Odom's stay by going over numbers that all fans already know. Here are very favoring numbers from this past season:

LO averaged 14ppg, with 9rebs. He shot a career high 38% behind the arc. He shot a career high 53% in FG's. He played in ALL 82 games. He scored a total of 1,180 points, a personal best since his 2005-06 season. 68 Three pointers made, again, a personal best since his 2005-06 season. He made 473 FG attempts, only his 2000-01 season shows more.

As a starter LO averaged a double-double, 16ppg and 10rebs. I'm by far no expert NBA analyst but it appears to me that this is a very simple formula. Just give Odom minutes and he'll give you a hefty contribution game in and game out.

For being in the league 12 years, it's evident that Lamar is only getting better with every passing season. We need him as much as we need Kobe and Gasol.

If this is a matter of dumping Odom's $8 million dollar salary, there's another player on the roster with just as big of a salary that is also cross-hairs worthy. How about Loooooooot Walton. He's making (not earning) just over $5 million to play a 54 game season while averaging 2ppg.
To top all of this off, Buss and Kupchak are currently in trade talks with the 76ers to possibly trade Odom for Andre Iguodala.

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