Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why not get stuck on Stuckey?

It's clear the Lakers have many PG options in the coming months, why not look over in Detroit for Rodney Stuckey as one? We all know he's not afraid to shoot the ball as he averaged 12 FG attempts last season (70 games). Even though his stats rollercoastered, Stuckey ended the season with promising numbers scoring over 20 points in the last five games.

Like Aaron Brooks, Stuckey is a 4 year guard who has plenty in the tank. He can easily have 15 point nights using his left hand. Last season he averaged 16pts at the starting position (54 games as a starter). L.A. gravely (no exaggeration) needs a player like Stuckey who is not afraid to put up 10+ shot attempts a night. With a new coach coming on board, the offense is going to consequently change which will allow for new players to step up.   

We can give Stuckey a tempting offer now that Trey, Joe and Theo are off the roster. Their salaries alone free up roughly $3 million. Stuckey made just less than that last season in Detroit. I'm sure Buss can reach deeper into the organization's pockets to lock in a player with the caliber like Stuckey's.

Plus, just imagine the popularity L.A. will gain from a 50 cent look-a-like. Yo, it's time to pop some bottles of bub! Yo, word to ya mutha! Yo, word in bond? Yo, it's your birfday. All of this yo yo talk is making me feel like one. My head hurts.

Top photo credit: Getty Images
50 cent look-a-like photo credit: 50 cent

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