Monday, May 16, 2011

Why not Aaron Brooks?

Aaron Brooks will be available this off season as a restricted free agent. He would fit perfectly with the Lakers organization as they try to fill the voids left behind from a disappointing season. I may be the only Laker fan who considers making the semifinals not as disappointing.

Aaron is a 4th year point guard who plays with no fear. His speed and offense is critically needed for this aging dynasty. L.A. needs a PG who can score and slash for the quick two or open pass. Who better to do this than the NBA's 2009-10 most improved player who averaged 20pts that season.

We all know Aaron Brooks because he plays his best ball against the Lakers. He opened up this season reminding Laker fans of this by scoring 24pts w/ 9 assists. Midway through he was traded to Phoenix where his minutes varied. Granted Nash took most of them but Aaron still scored an average 13pts (55 game season) when he had 20+ minute nights (34 games). This stat alone almost doubles Derek Fisher's entire regular season average (6.8pts) where he had just 3 games with less than 20 minutes.

This is not to compare Derek to Aaron as Fisher has already proven his HOF status but if this franchise wants to compete next season they need to improve at the 1 position. Exclude the love we all have for the Finisher, Derek just needs to accept the second unit role like LO so graciously has. Having a quick offensive contributor that has the capability of averaging 10-15pts a game is what will put the champs at the top again.

Need I remind you what Aaron Brooks did to the Lakers in Game 4 of the NBA 2009-10 semifinals? Take a second look. He could be doing this type of damage as a Laker next season! Just imagine that.


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