Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mav's 2, Lakers 0

Need we say more?
2011 NBA Playoffs - Semifinals Game 2
Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (3)
Final Score: Mavericks 93, Lakers 81
Series: Mavs lead 2-0

Post game

First of all I want to vent out my frustrations not about what I saw tonight but more about what I heard. What the hell is wrong with these spoiled fans who can't accept anything less than perfect? To watch L.A. lose at home for the second time in a row is agonizing but to have to hear the boo birds in our own arena is just disrespectful. Please excuse the following raging rhetorical's.

What more do fans want from the reigning back-to-back champs? Do they expect the path to another L.A. 3-peat to come easy? Do they think the team will execute every play and make every shot? Have they not realized that there is no such thing as a "switch"? It's the NBA where fans hope their team plays like they appear on paper. Anything can happen.

It just so happen that the Lakers lost in consecutive order in the second round of the playoffs. Bad timing? Yes, but how many times has L.A. bounced back? You so-called fans who were there tonight because Daddy got you tickets need to just zip it. Don't boo the home team in their own arena. It's how the home crowd reacts when their team is struggling that is so important. Take a look at every other Arena's home crowd. Observe and take notes on how to properly cheer your team on. Man I wish I was there. My voice would be as noticeable as a camera flash midway Tiger's tee off swing.

I digress. [Deep breath]

I guess I got my wish when I said I'd rather see the Lakers lose convincingly than having to see a Kobe buzzer beating miss. Lakers are indeed in an uncomfortable spot. It's time to seriously regroup and dissect what is hurting the team. I can tell you what hurt the Lakers tonight. 2-20 behind the arc, 11-20 at the charity stripe, and the Lakers second unit contributing a whopping 12pts are all losing factors. Mav's bench scored a combined 30pts.

Tonight's bonehead play of the game was when Artest hit Barea in the face in the closing seconds. This cost him a (not so) early exit to the showers. Now there are talks about him possibly being suspended for game 3. D'oh!

To those true Laker fans who purchase nose-bleed tickets whose chants cannot be heard and to those brave Laker fans in Dallas who will be in attendance in Games 3 and 4, show your colors and cheer the Lakers on as if it were their last game, really.

Here are tonight's post game numbers courtesy of Yahoo Sports!


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