Monday, May 9, 2011

Laker Legends react to Bynum's classless act

As Laker fans reflect on better days, Laker legends reflect on Andrew Bynum's episode yesterday.

Three ejections in just 2 games. First it was Ron Artest in the closing seconds of game 2 clothes-lining JJ Barea and yesterday in game 4, Lamar shoving Dirk and Andrew Bynum with absolutely no regard for human life forearming a midair JJ Barea as he went up for a layup. Barea lands awkwardly but thankfully is okay.

Bynum not only planted a defenseless Barea to the floor but also had no problem taking off his jersey before leaving the arena. To me this was metaphorically an act of defiance like wrestlers do when ripping their shirts off. This was a huge sign of disrespect to the Lakers organization and what they stand for.

A locker room reporter asked Bynum about the incident (pretty much giving him the opportunity to apologize) and Bynum simply replied showing no remorse...

“They were breaking us down," "So I just fouled somebody. I was just kind of salty about being embarrassed. It was embarrassing to have the smallest guy on the court keep running down the lane and making shots.”

Laker legends Magic, James and Kareem expressed their discomfort.

Magic Johnson during the ESPN post game show called Bynum's and Odom's actions "Classless" and "Embarrassing". He also apologized to the Dallas fans, Dallas team and owner Mark Cuban.

James Worthy on 710 ESPN this morning said he was disgusted by Andrew Bynum's flagrant foul on J.J. Barea and unapologetic post game interview. He also continued to say that for the first time he felt ashamed to be a Laker to watch how that game unfolded...disgraceful.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar tweeted, "Bynum's flagrant foul on Barea was a prime example of the frustration that the whole Laker team experienced. There is no joy in Laker land".

Take a second look. The main consensus around the nation is that Bynum will be fined a massive amount and suspended for the first 5 games of the 2011-12 season. What do you think should be the punishment?

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