Monday, May 30, 2011

Is Dragic the next Yugo Laker?

Remember how feisty Goran Dragic and Sasha were seasons ago? This Yugoslavian is one tough dude. Dragic is another strong candidate for this off season free agency assuming Houston wants to let him go. Dragic is a 3rd year guard with youth and stamina behind him. 

Favoring numbers as a starter from this past season (5 games): 13.4 PPG, 7.8 REBS, and 7.8 assists.

Last 5 games: 11 PPG, 6 REBS, and 6 assists.   

Here's what past Yugoslavian Lakers had to say about the idea of Goran Dragic possibly being the next Yugo Laker...    
There you have it folks, Dragic has the Yugoslavian vote (with exception to his fellow Yugo nemesis) 2-1. If Houston waives his 2011-12 eligibility as a Rocket, Lakers should nibble at this Goran-tuan opportunity.

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