Friday, May 6, 2011

Do you believe in miracles?

Photo: AP
2011 NBA Playoffs - Semifinals Game 3
Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (3)
Final Score: Mavericks 98, Lakers 92
Series: Mavs lead 3-0

Post game

The fire Laker fans have been waiting all season long for PJ to exude finally happens...but in May. Why did it take coach until being down 2-0 in the NBA semifinals to finally show his not so Zen counterpart?  I liked the energy Phil displayed out there tonight. It was refreshing to see him do something besides whistle from the seated position. Okay, that's enough Phil Jackson bashing for me as he's already validated his HOF career many times. He doesn't deserve to have the finger pointed to his direction. It's time to execute and not fault. Screw that! It's all Gasol's fault! J/K.

As we've all heard, no NBA team has ever come back from being down 0-3. Do you believe in miracles? It's going to take 1 to win 4 straight. I'm Mr. Brightside here and I've found several reasons why not to frown Laker fans.

If a baby can fall 6 stories and survive, then we can surely survive from falling a mere 3 games back. If a dog can be thrown off a 6 story building and survive, being thrown into an opportunity to be the 1st NBA team to ever come back from an 0-3 deficit should be welcomed with open arms. If a pilot can land a plane with both engines out on the Hudson River, then beating Dallas should be a walk in Central Park. If 33 miners can be rescued after being trapped for 69 days, then we can certainly be rescued from the best player in NBA in the next 4 games.

I mean these stories of great survival should at least give Laker fans some kind of hope. Don't walk with your head down fans, we've had a great run. A fantastic run! We have 16 titles! Look at me trying to convince myself it could be better when it isn't. Ha!

Yes it sucks and it sucks even more knowing we won't 3-peat for Phil's last hurrah. The part that will sting the most is not winning our 17th to tie Boston's collection. To think Celtic fans will always have that over us is almost nauseating.

I'm not going to analyze the box score because we all know who didn't show up tonight. Let's just pull together and pull out all of our good luck charms and rub the hell out of them for Sunday's win or go home game.

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