Sunday, May 8, 2011

Congrats to the Dallas Mavericks

Photo source: Getty Images
2011 NBA Playoffs - Semifinals Game 4
Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (3)
Final Score @ Halftime: Mavericks 63, Lakers 39
Series: Mavs win 4-0

Halftime Post Game

The champs are down by 24pts at halftime so I'm posting my post game article now. Who am I kidding this game is over. Congratulations goes to the Dallas Mavericks for advancing to the Western Conference Championship.

Discouraging halftime statistics

Behind the arc stats. Dallas shot .733% behind the arc making 11 of their 15 shot attempts. Lakers shot .125% making 1 of their 8 attempts.

Bench stats. Dallas has scored 40pts vs L.A.'s 7. The Dallas bench has outscored the entire Lakers team (39pts).

Assists. Dallas 20, Lakers 5.

This is embarrassing. Magic said during the halftime show, "This is the worst the Lakers have ever played when they needed to win".

It's time for the champs to move out of the limelight and pass the torch that they've carried for so long now.

Thanks Lakers for everything. We are the luckiest fans.

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  1. Great season Lakers but classless loss. I hope Bynum gets penalized heavily for that stupid play.


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