Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bynum opens up with an apology in his exit interview

Courtesy of NBA.com
After today's practice, Andrew Bynum opened his 2010-11 exit interview with an apology about his actions in game 4. Time will definitely tell if the Dallas Mavericks organization and more importantly JJ Barea accepts his apology if they do respond. Right now they're just busy.

There is one Dallas Maverick who has voiced his opinion on the matter however...

Dallas guard and former 6th man of the year The Jet Jason Terry was on the Dan Patrick Show Monday morning and expressed his feelings about Andrew Bynum's "dirty, dirty" play.

On how he would've reacted if Andrew Bynum had done to him what he did to J.J. Barea:
“I can’t tell you. I cannot tell you what I would’ve done, but I know it would’ve been hard for me to control my reaction, being the player that I am and the emotion that I play with. It was just a dirty, dirty play.”

On how difficult it was to not react to Bynum's flagrant foul:
“It was tough for me. I was toeing the line. I think we might even have to review the tape, but I made sure I stayed back. You know what happens if you cross that line and you’re not in the game, you won’t be playing in the next one.”

Listen I know this has become overplayed and I know the media has gone crazy over this subject but Bynum needs to realize what he did was absolutely wrong. Our responsibility as fans is to expose the bad as much as we flaunt the good. We can't cover our eyes and say it never happened. It will go away eventually but not now. It's still leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

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