Monday, May 2, 2011

7-Foot German Conquers Game 1

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2011 NBA Playoffs - Semifinals Game 1
Los Angeles Lakers (2) vs Dallas Mavericks (3)
Final Score: Lakers 94, Mavericks 96
Series: Mavs lead 1-0

Post game

Not since the 80's have the Lakers faced the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA playoffs. Maybe L.A. thought Dallas still had Sam Perkins and Mark Aguirre playing rather than the 4th quarter giants Dirk and J. Terry because this silly loss left fans in shock. Lakers had the W in the palm of their hands but just fell apart late in the 4th. Honestly I'd rather see L.A. lose convincingly than to see a stumbling Kobe in the closing seconds and consequently see Gasol turnover the ball to gift wrap the victory for Dallas. We couldn't stop the 7-foot German from scoring at will.

BTW how many times do the cameras need to point to that annoying owner of theirs? His face got more camera time than Kobe and Kobe was playing. Mark needs to smoke a Cuban in the owners box. We don't need him to hackle. Dude let your coach Jim Carrey do his job. 

Again I'm left bitter after a game 1 loss so I'm desperately looking for anything to make me feel better and thank you Chicago for being my savior. The Bulls lose at home tonight against the 5th ranked Atlanta Hawks. Okay now I feel much better. 

Let this be a lesson learned for the champs. Never have your big men defend the inbound pass late in games.

Click below for tonight's post game numbers. You decipher the digits and pin-point where we went wrong. I'm tired and my nails are gnawed down to the bone.

Click here for tonight's box score Courtesy of Yahoo Sports!

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