Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Red Bull Soapbox Winner - Lakers Fanwagon

Photo credit: ManFromNor
Who says L.A. can't host another Lakers championship parade this year? If you made it to the 2011 Red Bull Soapbox Race yesterday held in downtown Los Angeles you would have seen Kobe, Gasol and the rest of their cut out friends steer down to victory lane.

Kudos to the Lakers Fanwagon team who brought home the title. Only fitting since the locals who reside just blocks away couldn't.

The Lakers Fanwagon was driven by Christopher Moreno and constructed by mechanics Hector Catalan, Vienna To, and Jose Moreno. Their nifty Lakers championship parade themed Red Bull soapbox not only looked the best but maneuvered the fastest. Go figure.

Click here for more information about the Lakers Fanwagon team

Soapbox specs: Human powered; Less than 6-feet wide and 7-feet tall;  Less than 20-feet in length; Not more than 7 inches off the ground; Cannot weight more than 176 lbs (excluding driver); and drivers must be at least 18 years of age.

Racers steered their homemade design on wheels along a hay bale-lined route down Grand Avenue, then turned left on 5th Street and down to the finish line near Pershing Square.

Many racers (37 to be exact) took the downward slope with grace, many failed, but only one team was destined to take the [Larry O'Brien] trophy.

Congrats to the Lakers Fanwagon team for once again making the Purple and Gold the best in Los Angeles.

For more photos by photographer Norman Tañada click below:

2011 Red Bull Soapbox Races photos by ManFromNor


  1. chris (kobe) thank you for the love, Lakers fan for life

  2. Chris,

    You and your team killed it on Saturday. Your soapbox was a thing of beauty!

    Congrats again.

    Eric - LakerLiker

  3. thank you so much for the love, Hector and I were proud to represent the purple and gold, and we new there was a need for redemption, so this is for you guys (lakers team), were fans no matter what...god bless. Chris (kobe) (

  4. Ya man, L.A. needed this. Bynum's elbow to Barea was the worse way to end the season and Phil's illustrious career. You and your team brought back the energy to a city whose fans were left with disappointment.

    Can't say it enough, you guys killed it!

    God Bless! Go Lakers!


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