Monday, April 11, 2011

Where the Lakers stand with just 2 games left before the "switch"

Oh my God people stop it already. Everywhere I turn I'm reading how horribly the Lakers are playing as of recent. Just as quickly as they became post all-star break headline favorites (remember those days?), they've become today's "Lakers continue to struggle" headliner.

There is a high power and by design the Zen Master is reserving his starters energy for the playoffs. We need to accept the fact that the reigning champs are not returning to familiar division top rank territory and gaining that important home court advantage. Even though there's a tight race for the No. 2 spot in the west between us, Dallas, and OKC, I confidently feel that the champs will finish strong by beating SA and SAC to claim the 2nd spot for the highly anticipated 2nd season. Site regular MAGICO said it perfectly when he said the Lakers are playing position ball right now.

It's all about strategy this late in the season. Do you think for a second that one of the smartest NBA organizations neglected to sit down and brainstorm on how to avoid lower playoff bound teams that have proven to be difficult playoff opponents? Lakers are "losing" to certain teams in the latter part of the season so that those teams can climb the ladder to higher playoff bracket life. This type of coffee brainstorming results to easier lower ranked opponents.    

PJ has since rested his first unit stars and allowed for his eager bench to be more involved late in games. This is partly why the Lakers have lost 5 straight. Lack of effort from the usual suspects is the other reason. To those nervous wrecks who freak out when the Lakers lose in consecutive order, do me a favor and just relax, sit back and watch these last two games of the 2010-11 season with the much bigger playoff picture in view. Where ever the champs are placed in the western division and who ever they are matched up with, we all know the switch will be turned and the championship caliber team we all know and love will shows its face.

ESPN has an early preview of what the 2011 playoff matchups would look like if they were to happen today. Click below to see:


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