Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There's no I in Team in Game 5

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2011 NBA Playoffs - Round 1 Game 5
Los Angeles (2) vs New Orleans Hornets (7)
Final Score: Lakers 106, Hornets 90
Series: Lakers lead 3-2

Post game

The champs take care of business at home as predicted. Tonight was the best postseason team win yet. All five starters and 6th man score in double digits. Fisher 13pts, Kobe 19pts, Andrew 18pts, Pau 16pts, Ron 11pts and Lamar 13pts. This is what you call distributing the points.

As for New Orleans, they were 3 top heavy. Chris scored 20, Belinelli come out of the wood works and had a surprising 21pts, and Ariza for the second time this series clocks out with 22pts. Landry picked a bad time to have his worse game of the series. The Hornets could have used his average 17pts tonight.

Someone told me that Kobe had a strained left ankle? I couldn't see it and Kobe didn't either. I can't remember the last time I saw Kobe dunk like he did tonight. For those critics who continue to jab at Kobe's aging knees, look at tonight's highlights below and come up with a new hate plan.

Okafor and Landry need to come up BIG on Thursday if the Hornets plan to return to the Staples Center.
Courtesy of NBA.com

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