Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lakers Tier Up While Hornets Tear Up

2011 NBA Playoffs - Round 1 Game 6
Los Angeles (2) vs New Orleans Hornets (7)
Final Score: Lakers 98, Hornets 80
Series: Lakers win 4-2

Post game

The reigning back-to-back champs level up and await the Dallas/Blazers series results. What a postseason for veteran Jason Kidd. After seeing the San Antonio game last night and seeing how many top teams are struggling (including us) there really is parity in the NBA now. You can start to see the changing of the guard. The unexpected aren't playing as expected.

Orlando is out of the picture losing to the bad boys in A-Town, and San Antonio is playing their age to the younger Grizzlies. Yes they won yesterday but barely, I mean barely won. The Grizzlies had the win in their hands but choked allowing Neal to make that 3 to force the game in OT. Why didn't Memphis foul Neal? Make him shoot 2 free-throws. Why is that so hard to understand? Yikes.

Tonight Andrew Bynum decided to have his best turn out of the series by scoring 18 and pulling down 12rebs (8orebs) from his comfort zone, the paint. By none By num (kudos to me for that play on) was the difference in tonight's win. Kobe matches his jersey # in points, Gasol mirrors Tuesdays numbers w/ 16pts and 8rebs, and LO adds 14pts and brings down 8 rebounds as the bench starter. We all know (thanks to Khloe and Lamar) when Lamar does well, his moocher friends do well.

Lakers as a team look great going into the second round but Kobe as a player looks even greater. He is in his zone and fans can't wait to see what he pulls out of his arsenal next.

This is random but did you know that the black mamba is the fastest snake in the world? Heck I didn't. All this time I thought Kobe's self given nickname was based from how venomous and long they both are but now with this newly found fact I'm liking the quick and venomous approach.

Venomous and...long? Really Eric? Wow...and yes I did just speak in first person.
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