Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lakers, Bush, Playoffs, Anaheim Royals, Cavemen...and more

What's more confusing? Figuring out who the Lakers are playing in the playoffs based on tonight's victories/losses around the league or the fact that the Sacramento King's are becoming the Anaheim Royals?

Tonight if the Lakers win and Dallas loses and Portland wins and OKC loses then the Lakers play Portland, wait I mean the Hornets, wait...I'm so confused. My head hurts. Let me bring in the expert to better explain the importance of tonight's games.

Kurt Helin over at NBC Sports reports:

One day of games remain and five seeds still up for grabs in the Western Conference — and you say there isn’t parity in the NBA.

Okay, there isn’t parity. Not really. But for one day we can at least pretend because a lot of things can happen in the Western Conference. (The East is set, it got its act together a couple of days ago.)

Here’s how it breaks down:

San Antonio is the top seed, locked up. The Lakers control their own destiny, they will be the No. 2 seed if they win in what promises to be a very raucus Sacramento arena Wednesday (in what everybody thinks will the last game ever for the Kings in Sacramento, which sucks).

If Los Angeles loses and Dallas beats New Orleans, Dallas is the two seed (they will have one-more win) and the Lakers the three seed. If Dallas loses then they can do no better than finishing tied with Los Angeles, and the Lakers have the tiebreaker so they are the two seed no matter what.

If Dallas loses to New Orleans and Oklahoma City beats Milwaukee, then the Thunder and Mavericks will be tied, but Oklahoma City has the tiebreaker and gets to be the three seed, and Dallas falls to the four spot.

So, the Lakers will be the two or three seed, Dallas can be anywhere from two to four, and Oklahoma City can be the three or the four seed. Still with me?

Denver is the five seed, Portland the six, both locked in. New Orleans and Memphis are now tied for the seven and eight seeds, but New Orleans has the tiebreaker so they are the seven seed. If the Hornets beat the Mavericks, then New Orleans is the seven seed. If the Hornets lose and the Grizzlies beat the Clippers, then Memphis is the seven and the New Orleans the eight.

What will really be interesting Wednesday: The important Dallas vs. New Orleans game starts at 8 p.m. Eastern, two-and-a-half hours before both the Lakers and the Grizzlies tip off in their respective games. If Dallas were to lose then the Lakers incentive to play their starters at all goes away. If New Orleans were to lose — and Memphis wanted to make sure it lost and kept the eighth seed — it also could suddenly start pulling key players off the floor.

So, we all clear now? Oh, what if there is a three-way tie? The Lakers still get to be the No. 2 seed by virtue of the conference record tiebreaker. There, that should answer everything. I think.

Thank goodness for smart people who can figure this hard stuff out. Now that we have the scenario drawn out for you lets jump to the second headache.

If you live in a cave and haven't heard...

the Sacramento Kings are becoming the Anaheim Royals, well it's becoming closer to a realization by the day. I personally live in Orange County near the Honda Center where the Royals would call home and I've been phoned by the Honda Center for feedback about the idea and I've talked to solicitors outside my local Target store asking to petition the move.

Its real and its going to happen. This will give Southern California its 3rd NBA team.

The Sacramento Kings’ proposed conversion to the Anaheim Royals will be proposed to the NBA’s Board of Governors in New York tomorrow amid some powerful objections that are unlikely to delay the arrival later this year of Southern California’s third  team in the league.

There's more negative buzz than good going around about this move. One thing the Maloof brothers can count on is the strong and loyal O.C. fan base who will most likely embrace their arrival. Heck who are we to talk, we did the same thing for Ron Artest and most recently Matt Barnes when they came on board.

Well whatever happens in the post season, L.A. will still have no NFL team. What's up with that?

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