Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kobe Bryant - What Sprained Ankle?

The chronicles of the injured and relentless Kobe Bryant.

Hyper-extended knees, sprained wrists, sprained ankles, broken index fingers, cuts, bruises...Kobe's pained/played through them all. Last night was another reminder of this as Lakers fans feared the worse when they saw team captain land awkwardly. As Kobe jumped up to regain control off a tipped ball he came down turning his ankle. I haven't seen an ankle turn that severe in years.

The combination of Gary Vitti's Mr. Miyagi healing powers and Kobe's backbone produced yet another miraculous comeback. Just as quickly as he turned his ankle, Kobe turned right back into the game to put in some more work and help his team triumph over the Mav's 96-91.

This type of determination and passion for the game is why Kobe Bryant is THE BEST basketball player on the planet, PERIOD. The only complaint you'll get out of him is to the officials. For coach PJ the only thing more reliable is his pension plan.

Here's the video in case you missed last night's scare.

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