Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Injury Prone Andrew Bynum and the Lakers Recovery Plan

Is Andrew Bynum hurting again?! Yes and he wont be suiting up for tonight's routine bounce back game from the media driven set panic mode against the Rockets. If you haven't noticed, the Lakers are 3-4 in their last 7 games. It seems that every time I blink Drew gets injured. He's way too young to feel this damn old. It's no secret that injuries have plagued and slowed down the aging youngest NBA player to ever put on a jersey.

We've analyzed some unflattering numbers. Close your eyes because this ain't pretty. Andrew missed 40 games his rookie year, 67 his 3rd year, 32 games his 4th, 17 in his 5th and 25 games so far this season (including tonight). The man has missed a total of 141 games in his very young and very unstable career. I mean the Loch Ness Monster has been spotted more.

As a fan its not hard to feel for Drew since we all know his reoccurring seasonal bum knee injuries have hindered all hopes to be among one of the best centers to ever play the game. Knowing that Bynum is more fragile than the Unbreakable Samuel L. Jackson, why is he still a starter? I know I sound a bit hypocritical since I was begging Phil to give Andrew more minutes earlier this season. But now, look at what the champs have become? Sure they can beat the lesser opponents (except the Kings) but they play scrimmage ball against the elite. Magic is right when he said today that the Lakers are playing "old". They are playing old. The focus has been on the Lakers lack of defense for blame but really the focus should be in the inception rather than all other subsequent actions. Bynum is unfortunately a big part of the yielding process. He needs to come off the bench and accept the lesser role way before tip-off where all the finger pointing begins. 

Plan B needs to be implemented ASAP. Put in LO at the 4 spot and move Gasol back to the 5. We'll use Bynum's height off the bench when needed. Lamar is having a great season and his numbers are scaling down because of his limited minutes. He won't be the first one to tell you this because he's all about helping the team in any way he can. Its quite simple, the Lakers play hella better basketball when LO gets his well deserved minutes.

Screw all of this trade talk, we have the team and players necessary to put us back to championship caliber level. We don't need to look for the nearest exit, we just need to regroup and reevaluate the current roster and positions.

I'm not going to sit hear and type out excuses. I keep hearing that the absence of Matt Barnes is part of the reason why the champs are playing so poorly. No. We have way too much fill in talent off the bench. The Lakers are just lacking the fire power and intensity to match-up against the faster and younger teams.

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