Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Big Game James Worthy at the T-Mobile Studio City store

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images
Last night at the T-Mobile Studio City store, we were given an exclusive interview with Hall of Famer Big Game James Worthy where he had a scheduled appearance to help promote the upcoming NBA All Star game here in L.A. on Feb. 20th. 

On this day we planned an early trip just to observe the pre[Big]game festivities. We saw many fans lined up outside the T-Mobile store anticipating a very Worthy arrival. Several fans in front of the line had shown up six hours prior, not taking any chances.

Before long fans made their way through the front door where they were welcomed by T-Mobile employees and given a tour of the store. Fans were able to participate in a raffle to win cool prizes like a James Worthy autographed NBA basketball and tickets to the first ever T-Mobile Magenta Carpet at NBA All-Star 2011 Los Angeles scheduled right before the All-Star game on Sunday, Feb. 20th. The three-hour show will feature live performances by Bruno Mars and Keri Hilson, hosted by comedian/actor Nick Cannon.

Fans were then directed to the back entrance of the store where they were greeted by a 710 ESPN booth. Past the booth, fans were given a complimentary burger, chips and drink courtesy of a parked Fatburger mobile food truck.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images
Now stuffed, fans made their way back into the store as James Worthy made his appearance. James would meet the media first. Among the media were (just to name a few) Kam Pashai & David Brickley from 570 KLAC Sports, Max Kellerman from 710 ESPN, and Mark Medina from L.A. Times Lakers Blog. Needless to say, we were excited to be among this group.

The moment arrived. James greeted us with a warm smile and a firm hand shake. Cue the interview. San Diego correspondent John Redhouse and I asked Big Game James about the upcoming road game against the Celtics, Magic Johnson's comments about the team playing "old", and then asked James to share his thoughts about the recent trade rumors that entertained the possibility of bringing Carmelo to L.A. We're happy to hear that he's not for it. We then concluded the interview by asking Worthy who was his toughest match-up as a player. His answer? Hint: As you will hear James tell us, this player (ex-Laker) overall was his toughest match-up well before all of the wedding dresses. Ha ha! Too funny!

James never broke his smile and made time to greet every single fan. He was especially great with the many children in the crowd, the newest generation of NBA fans.

The entire event was planned out smoothly. Kudos to everyone involved who made this event a success. Meeting and interviewing James was an opportunity of a lifetime for us. Thanks S.E.

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