Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cavs give kick ass Sessions to Lakers

Post Game

Oh boy where to begin. Tomorrow morning the word "upset" will have pressed more ink than bored prisoners and the question "What happened to the Lakers last night" will be asked more times than Randy Jackson saying "dawg" on Idol. So what did happen to the Lakers?

Lets point out the obvious here, Ramon Sessions decided to display a kick ass session off the bench by scoring a season-high 32 points. Thirteen of those points were 10 second breathers. Thank you can I have another. His production alone outscore the Lakers bench by 6. L.A. just had no defensive answer for his surprise visit to the game. Parker and Jamison (why do I want to drink when I say their names) had great games too but the player of the game award went to the sixth man of the night, Sessions.

Fans have a lot to be proud of in Cleveland. Their team may have the worst record in the league with 10 wins and 49 losses but they've definitely proven to all critics that they can beat the league's elite. So far they've beaten Dallas, New York, San Antonio, Boston, and now L.A. Not too shabby for a team who's lost their superstar player this past off season.

I'm not quite sure if I speak on behalf of most Laker fans when I say that deep down inside I didn't mind losing to Byron Scott's Cav's tonight. Need I say more?

As for the champs, they're finally flying back home from a very long 7-game road trip. They still went 4-3 and technically that is a positive outcome right? A 4 is bigger than a 3 last time I checked. My big ass glass is half full baby! The champs deserve the respect that we sometimes forget to give them after losses like these. Um, back to back champions looking for a possible 3-peat is something that should make all of us overlook games like these.



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