Monday, February 14, 2011

Bobcats Tame Lakers for the 8th Time

Post Game

The Charlotte Bobcats still have L.A.'s number. They've won 8 of the past 10 regular season match-ups. Its a fact that the champs struggle when playing Charlotte and this leaves fans scratching their heads. On paper L.A. is as favored to win as Bieber is for the Best New Artist of the Year Grammy. Wait, bad example. Why can't the Lakers figure this team out?

I can tell you that one man isn't happy about L.A.'s performance tonight and no it's not Kobe. During the post game KCAL 9 LTV show John Ireland showed a very angry Phil Jackson who left a 10 second post game interview stating how crappy the team played and left allowing no media questions. Ireland said he hasn't seen Phil this upset since his return as the Lakers coach in 2005.

Lakers did show up tonight but that's pretty much all they did. Their efforts were heavily criticized by the media as being heartless and effortless. Kobe did have the flu coming into tonight's game but this was definitely no excuse as he still scored 20. Gasol had his standard double double scoring 17 w/ 10 rebs. Thats the good news. The bad news is no one else contributed.

The usual 1-2 punch in Kobe and Gasol is nice in all but someone else needs to be the reliable jab. I'm not going to sit here and stab at the champs because they've loss 2 consecutive games like the press often does, I am however going to gripe about a loss to a Charlotte team who sits 9th in the Eastern Conference.

Tonight's victory was pure catnip for the Bobcats. The Lakers bench being outscored 49-27 did not help matters. I wish the triangle would allow for more shot attempts at the 1 spot. There were only 7 shot attempts between Fisher and Blake tonight and that's not going to cut it. We need more contribution besides passing. 
In closing, to have to hear over and over again that Charlotte is in the same category as Boston for the only two teams who have winning records over us really hurts my ears. Yuck. Look for the champs to devour the Cavs before coming back home for the All-Star game. Man I really feel bad for Cleveland.

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