Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who would you rather see play at the Staples Center - Kobe Bryant or Blake Griffin?

Recently SportsNation conducted a poll to see how many fans would rather see Kobe or Blake Griffin play. Lakers fans will obviously be partial to this poll but to actually think that 55% would pay to see Blake play baffles me. Yes Blake is having a career high season (not hard to do since this is technically his rookie season) and will most likely win rookie of the year honors but to say that his spin move poster dunks and ally-oop bombs wows more than Kobe's pursuit for a 3-peat is just nuts. Yes Blake's 27th consecutive double-double and already earned Dominique retired "Human Highlight Reel" nickname is all so great but let I remind you that we're talking about Kobe here. Just remember Blake, the reason why you jump higher than our boy Kobe is because Kobe wears 5 championship rings. You try dunking with all that jewelry.

Here are direct inserts from ESPN SportsCenter.     

55 percent of SportsNation viewers would rather pay to see Blake Griffin play than Kobe Bryant.

SportsNation co-host Colin Cowherd disagrees, “If I go watch Kobe that means I bought a Lakers ticket and I’m going to see the world champions. In order to see Blake Griffin I would have to go to a Clippers game and if you asked me if I’d rather go to the orthodontist or a Clippers game, it’s a total toss up.”

However, ESPN analyst Jenn Brown agrees with viewers, “We already know what we are getting with Kobe Bryant, we’re getting the fade away jumper. I like dunks. I think it’s more exciting. That’s why I like Griffin, he’s a human highlight reel.”

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